What Horses Taught Me…

I didn’t grow up with horses. I never realized how intuitive they are- all 2200 pounds of them. In this digital age with distractions galore, this day at the equestrian farm was nothing short of amazing. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by beautiful horses and green pastures. I’m in awe of God’s masterpiece.  And quite frankly, I am shocked how much a horse could teach me about myself.

It is impossible to be around a horse that size and not be completely present. The alternative would likely leave you squished. I have struggled with being present over perfect. The striving for perfection has plagued me all of my life, but in that moment, with a 2200 pound horse, I learned the incredible value of simple being. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t or be more confident than I actually was, I just had to BE.

Relationships are everything. You can never force someone to do something and get a good result. My time is my most valuable resource, not what I achieve, accomplish; not my checklist or my programs. My value comes from being wholly, authentically me, fully present.

We all have “is-shoes.” Vulnerability was a struggle for me all of my life. Having to pretend that I had it all together and perfect was exhausting. I feared failure and felt guilty for my mistakes. I hid those. Now, I appreciate both the good and bad in my life because they have made me who I am. I appreciate the bad even more because those were my biggest teachers. My bruises and scars are beautiful. And so are yours.

My horse’s name was Grace. The irony of her name is not lost on me. I am so thankful for the gift of grace in my life.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
— Ephesians 2:8 (NIV)

I’ve worked through vulnerability and it opened my eyes to my real issue: trust. Trusting my intuition. Trusting that I have all of the answers already and that I don’t need to seek answers from the next conference, book, or training. I believed that someone out there had the magic key to success in my life. Not so.

I am enough.

This is what horses taught me and I am forever grateful for this life-changing experience.

Thank you, Bunny with A Better Place Consulting, for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and knowing how much I needed this experience.