Good Fat

Touted as one of the world's healthiest foods, avocados provide healthy fats and vital nutrients. This post is all about some helpful tips for all you #avo lovers. If you're like me, you buy a bunch of avocados and before you know it, they are done-zo.

Slice them and scoop them out into individual portions (I use freezer bags) and freeze them. That way they are ready when YOU are, not when they are. They freeze great and stay green. Use them in soups, dressings, and shakes!

I had a client text me yesterday asking how to store an avocado and how to tell when it's ripe. 

I leave mine on my kitchen counter until they're ripe because if you put them right in the refrigerator, it will hinder the ripening process. (Think of where you picked them up in the store- not the refrigerated section.) Once they are ripe you can then put them in the fridge for up to 3-5 days. 

If you want to speed up the ripening process, put them in a paper bag and seal shut for a couple days.  

You can tell if you waited too long to use them by removing the little knobby thing {anyone know the technical name?} If there is mold, it went bad. 

Bonus: Most people throw away the seed, but the seed is one of the healthiest parts of the avocado. If you have a high powered blender like a Vitamix, throw the seed in with your next protein shake or smoothie!

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