Gluten Goddess goes Gluten Free

Introducing a New Series: Better Together!

In this series, my goal is to introduce you to real people with real stories. It is my hope that if you are struggling with your health, these stories may help bring awareness to your symptoms. All too often I have clients tell me, "this is how I've always felt." We were designed to feel amazing. Pain is a signal that something isn't right and all too often it stems from our food choices.

For our first story, I'd like to introduce you to one of my best friends (since we were 11 years old), Erika. The struggle: gluten.

About 4 years ago I stopped eating gluten. I know that recently this has been a huge controversy and many professionals have declared that non-celiac gluten intolerance is not a real thing. Well let me tell you, I would just love for that to be true. I was devoted to bread, beer, donuts, pasta, and all other things containing gluten. As an avid baker, who had been working hard to perfect her craft, being forced to go gluten free was a serious blow.
I did not cut out gluten on a whim or as part of a fad diet. After my daughter was born I was struggling with a lot of health issues and sought out the help of an endocrinologist who “diagnosed” me with a gluten intolerance and told me to cut gluten out of my diet. It was really hard and I was depressed for a long time about it. I had to completely rethink the way I approached food. I was already a label reader, but I had to further educate myself about all the places gluten can hide, all the foods I would need to avoid, and how to go out to eat.
The first weeks and months were a period of mourning, experimentation, and learning. More than once, I tried to eat gluten again after cutting it out and it did not go well, I couldn’t even keep it down. Now that I have been gluten free for a long time, if I accidentally ingest it in a sauce or as an ingredient somewhere I will get hives, bloating, heartburn, and fatigue for 4-8 weeks. So to anyone who thinks that a wheat or gluten allergy is fake science, I say from experience, it is not.
We eat mostly gluten free as a family now and just like any habit, it isn’t as hard to stick with once the change has been made. I have created a list of some of the foods my family has tried and liked, not just “good for gluten free” but pretty good for food.

Why this is important: Let's Chat!

If you or someone you know struggles with gluten intolerance, Erika was generous enough to share an exhaustive list and some tips that have helped her navigate her dietary restrictions. Just click the button and it will take you right to it! Thank you for sharing your story, friend!

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