Deeper Look At: Eczema

Traditional medicine treats eczema like a condition that needs to be medicated rather than a symptom that needs to be uncovered.

I bring this up because recently my oldest has had a rash around her mouth. No matter what oil or lotion I put on it, it kept getting worse to the point that she was going to the school nurse complaining it was stinging (more on that in a minute).

I have helped both my nieces overcome eczema when they were infants through clean, non-toxic body products. Then, one of my nieces started getting it again as a toddler, so I suggested removing dairy and gluten and then reintroduce it and see which one was causing it. The culprit: dairy. Again, enter: non-toxic, vegan body products and she was back to normal!

This brings me back to my daughter. Since we don't do dairy, that was out. Could it be gluten? She has very little (flour tortillas and organic pretzels) and that wasn't a recent change that would necessarily cause the eczema. So what could it be?! Turns out she had been eating a lot of oranges (and tomatoes have affected her too). Flashbacks to when she was a baby and had terrible diaper rash because of acidic fruits...TMI?! I'll stop there, but I do have a point!

Instead of running to medications, stop and think about why the body is reacting. Our bodies are so smart. If there is a reaction, pain, or any symptom, its a signal that something is wrong. Medications mask the symptoms, they don't cure them.

We stopped giving her oranges and tomatoes and she is on the mend!

PSA: If you are a parent or healthcare professional (like a school nurse), stop treating symptoms with Vaseline! It's a moisture barrier, not moisturizer, and actually has a few damaging effects. Read more on that here