Are you on Antibiotics?

'Tis the season for ear infections, bronchitis, and sinus infections. If you or your kids are on antibiotics, it means the immune system was compromised. (Duh?) If your immune system is compromised it's because your body was susceptible due to a pH imbalance. When the body is too acidic, you leave yourself open to illness.

Antibiotics are likely the first resort which means all the bacteria in the gut is killed- both good and bad. To help regenerate the good bacteria, I recommend getting a great probiotic. My family takes one on a daily basis.

The solution: Avoid acidic food and drinks, at the very least, while on antibiotics.

What are some of the most common acidic choices?

  • Dairy like milk, yogurt, coffee creamer, and cheese
  • Sugar like cereal, candy, baked goodies, juice, and soda

If you need help finding a good probiotic, let me know.

* Stay tuned for my blog post on our incredible experience at Alinea up next!