Tiny House Living


A concept not widely accepted in the US. While many are looking for the bigger house with a bigger kitchen, bigger basement, bigger bedrooms, bigger closets, and bigger bathrooms with a bigger SUV, our family is going smaller. While my family is downsizing (by only 1,000 square feet) in search of a simplified life, Lindsay and her husband take it to a whole different level!

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Gluten Goddess goes Gluten Free

Introducing a new series: Better Together. My goal is to introduce you to real people with real stories. It is my hope that if you are struggling with your health, these stories may help bring awareness to your symptoms. All too often I have clients tell me, "this is how I've always felt." We were designed to feel amazing. Pain is a signal that something isn't right and all too often it stems from our food choices. Up first, struggles with gluten!

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