Organic Conspiracy Theory

People say the craziest things. I was shopping in Trader Joe's and commented to the friendly employee how I was bummed that the raw riced cauliflower they started stocking wasn't organic. And then it happened.

A woman next to me replied "you know they just pay for the organic sticker, right?" Really?! Do people actually believe that? If that's the case, that's a serious conspiracy theory. I do not agree with everything the FDA does, but I do believe some regulation is necessary and although it's not perfect, the organic certification is much more regulated than conventional produce. Hence the price difference.

If it says "natural" on the label, then you should have a reason to be skeptical because that's just a marketing term.

Myth: Organic means no pesticides. 

Fact: Organic and Conventional both use pesticides. The difference is Organic doesn't allow synthetic chemical pesticides. And no GMOs are allowed in Organic food. What is GMO?

It gets better. At checkout I shared with the cashier what the woman said and she said they get a lot of crazy things like that. One woman returned potatoes because they smelled like dirt...Oi ve. People are losing touch with real food and where it comes from! 

Do you have any crazy stories?