Let food be thy medicine.

I love learning how food affects us. Because of this 8 year journey, I know how to make healthier choices for me and my family because I have asked "why?" Don't get me wrong, I love a glass (or two) of wine and a bowl of gelato from my new favorite place @The21Hundred every once in a while. So many people accept the way they feel as fact. Healthcare costs are expected to go up by 25% says one article in the New York Times. Health insurance companies profit when we get sicker. Pharmaceutical companies are making a killing on selling drugs for all kinds of preventative conditions.

If you know how food affects you, you can take a proactive approach to your health, not a reactive approach. I believe food is our best medicine or the slowest form of poison. Our food choices can cause pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong.

I have helped people:

* Reverse pre-diabetes diagnoses

* Get rid of debilitating migraines

* Get rid of joint point

* Get off blood pressure and cholesterol medications

* Sleep better

* Gain clarity and alertness throughout the day

You can take your health into your own hands. I can help break it down and make the change simple. One step at a time. Let's start the conversation.