One Protein Shake A Day

Do you skip breakfast? Are you hungry by 10am? Do you love convenience? Do you have a gluten intolerance? Are you diabetic? Do you need to lower your cholesterol? Would you like to lose a couple pounds? Have you been prescribed to follow a more plant-based diet by your physician?

I have one thing that can help with all of these issues: one protein shake a day. 

My favorite way is vanilla protein powder mixed blended with organic frozen mixed berries, inspired by @juicing_gina OR in a Smoothie Bowl!


Why I love Arbonne's protein

There are so many reasons and here are a few:

August Challenge 

Most of you already love the protein shakes, so as a thank you for supporting my business, I am offering a challenge this month. All I am asking is for you to share the protein love and in return giving you the chance to win $200 in free products!

How do you enter? Follow these simple steps:

1. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook.

2. Most of you have Arbonne's protein mix, but if you don't you can buy it in Vanilla or Chocolate OR if you are looking for even more convenience, buy Ready To Drink Shakes in Vanilla or Chocolate .

3. Post a picture of your favorite way to enjoy your Arbonne protein mix, why you love it, AND tag me. 

If you need more ideas, check out my Pinterest page.

That's it! Complete all 3 steps and the person that gets the most likes wins $200 in free Arbonne products. The winner will be chosen on August 31st, so make sure you have your protein!

Thank you so much for helping spread the protein love! 

Stop Hunger Now

Each month I donate 10% of the commission I earn and put it toward the purchase of Arbonne's nutritional products to feed children in countries like Cambodia and the Philippines. Stop Hunger Now's leaders pick up the products I purchase and ship them directly to these children in need. This year it is my goal is to feed 2000+ children. As of July, your purchases have helped feed 1252 children!

If you are interested in learning more about helping children through Stop Hunger Now, or if you have a non-profit you are involved with and would like to have featured, drop me a line!