The Sugar Detox

One of my passions is educating people on the importance of nutrition. Each month as part of the "Be More" blog series I intend to present facts about nutrition that will shock and amaze you. For example, did you know sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine? It's true. And, since 1977, Americans have doubled their intake of sugar. Shocking, right? Well, here is the amazing part - the solution to our modern sugar crisis may be more accessible than you think.

Have you ever considered kicking the sugar habit? If not, here are some reasons you probably should:

  • A rigorously done new study shows that those with the highest sugar intake had a four-fold increase in their risk of heart attacks compared to those with the lowest intakes. That’s 400%! Just one 20-ounce soda increases your risk of a heart attack by about 30%.
  • U.S. Dietary Guidelines provide no limit for added sugar, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still lists sugar as a “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) substance. That classification lets the food industry add unlimited amounts of sugar to our food. 
  • The biggest culprit is sugar-sweetened beverages including sodas, juices, sports drinks, teas and coffees. They are by far the single biggest source of sugar calories in our diet. In fact, more than 37% of our sugar calories come from soda. The average teenage boy consumes 34 teaspoons of sugar a day, or about 544 calories from sugar.

(Source: Eat Local Grown)

The Detox

Step One to beating sugar? Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Kick the addiction and give your body a fresh start.

Ready to get started? Our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge has transformed the lives of so many people of all ages and backgrounds, and I can't say enough about setting yourself up for success with the Healthy Living Set (which is currently 40% off for preferred clients - the discount will be visible on the shopping cart page!).

Here's what one client had to say about her experience:

"One month ago I began a journey to be healthier and lose weight. I am so thankful to Jessi for encouraging me to try the 30 Day Detox. I'm thrilled to report that I am down 2 dress sizes and my energy is through the roof! Clean eating alone has changed my life. I'll never go back to the way I was eating before!"

The Alternative

What if you could change the way you felt on the inside and outside by doing only two things?  For some, a 30 day challenge can sound a bit overwhelming, so I'd like to offer you an alternative. I challenge you to swap out 2 items in your current diet - your sodas and 1 meal.

As an alternative to soda, try Energy Fizz Sticks. They contain antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium, to help boost energy. Try replacing one meal a day with a Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Shake. Twenty grams of vegan protein and more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving will leave you feeling fuller longer.

I dare you to see if...

  • your stomach feels less bloated
  • you don't feel hungry all the time
  • you feel more energized
  • your skin looks a little different
  • your focus is a little clearer
  • your moods are a little more even