The Ideal Diet

The ideal diet to fuel and balance the body's nutritional needs should consist of lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, whole grains, plant-based calcium sources, along with heart-healthy fats like those found in cold-water, wild fish, almonds, or extra-virgin olive oil. A large segment of the population rarely achieves a balanced, fresh source diet due to:

    •    Modern Farming Practices - Today's farming techniques yield large, fast-growing plants that may often lack key micronutrients found in more traditionally raised crops.

    •    Aging - As we grow older, it's common for our bodies to have to work harder to digest and absorb key nutrients as a result of insufficient stomach acid or low amounts of beneficial microorganisms in our digestive tracts. 

    •    Frequent Dieting - A reduced calorie diet often makes it more challenging to get all of the necessary nutrition for optimal health.

    •    Busy Lives - Balancing work with priorities of home can lead to time management challenges that make it much harder to consistently plan, shop for and prepare balanced, full meals.

For all of these reasons, a daily vitamin and supplement regimen is needed to ensure we give our body an "insurance policy." This provides an extra dose of nutrients when our diet doesn't deliver all we need, or for when busy, stress-filled lifestyles wear our bodies down and impact our natural system balance. 

Arbonne Essentials® Daily Power Packs for Men and Daily Power Packs for Women set up a foundation on which to build. Use them with the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Set as part of healthy lifestyle plan. 

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