The Anti-Diet

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There is no quick fix!!! There is not one magic thing that someone may tell you is the key to your health. There is no medicine or drug or essential oil or diet or kind of workout that is THE THING that is going to solve all your ailments.

Your health is a combination of all the choices you make and habits you have. You can’t eat garbage or starve yourself, sleep 4 hours a night, take pain meds, use toxic products on your body, sit on your butt all day, and breathe in lavender and expect to be healthy. Sounds crazy, huh? But how many people actually live this way?

Your entire lifestyle matters. Think of it as a puzzle. If you are missing pieces, the puzzle won’t work. If you are missing the piece that makes up what you put in and on your body, I can help you get that straight.

If you are committed to making the change necessary to take control of your health, read on...

Is this you?

I'm a busy mom that has put everyone and everything else 1st, and I am done. If not now, when? I am ready to add ME to my priority list so my family gets what's best of me, not what's left of me.
I am tired of the headaches and aches and pains that I have dealt with for way too long, self-medicating with ice cream or Advil.
There are so many books telling me what to eat and what not to eat and they are all contradicting each other. For the LOVE! What can I eat?! Can someone just break it down for me?
I want to break that sugar habit (sugar is 8x more addicting than cocaine? It's a real addiction.) But it tastes so good!
I want someone to answer all of my questions in a way I can understand, no matter how crazy the question. Don't worry, I've heard them all!
I want a community for support and accountability along my journey.
I want simple. Life is complicated enough to have to count calories and carbs which completely takes the fun out of eating.
I am done with mom guilt. There's no room for that while keeping tiny humans alive.
I am ready to celebrate small wins and actually see some progress.
For the love, I just want a good night's sleep!
I am tired of trying every fad diet and starvation diet and getting nowhere.
I need some inspiration.
I understand there is no magic fix, pill, or surgery, and if I am empowered with the right information, I will be successful.
I know that a pill doesn't fix the cause of the issue, it just masks the symptom. I want a real solution.
I understand (or am willing to learn) that my food choices are at the root of my overall health.

Did you know…
  • 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will contract early onset diabetes?
  • Every minute in the US someone is killed by heart disease?
  • The US pays more for healthcare than any other country in the world?
Do you know what all 3 of these statistics have in common? Food.

There are so many companies out there pushing their weight-loss programs that you may find it hard to decipher which one is best, or if they even work at all. The problem lies in the fact that many programs are based on starvation or portion control, but they never address what KINDS of food you should be eating. A quick-fix will never work. It's all about creating a healthy lifestyle.

Looking for an easy button? I will help you look at food differently and develop a healthy lifestyle that you can actually maintain.

Imagine waking up and feeling awesome. What could you accomplish if you lived 100% consciously?

My passion is to help families. In order for you to connect to your purpose, you need to be healthy. Traditional doctors take a reactive approach to health. I believe in being proactive and that starts with food. This is what this Mastermind is all about.

Here's something to think about: We weren't created to be allergic to the earth or our food, but somewhere along the line (in the last 30 years, especially) we created this problem. What's your automatic instinct when you feel any pain or discomfort? A pill? This is the gut reaction for many symptoms we experience like migraines, or headaches in general, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, fevers, eczema. It's not entirely our fault. We have been programmed for instant gratification over finding a long-term solution. 

A symptom is a signal that something is wrong. We can choose to medicate and cover up the symptoms or we can choose to figure out the cause and address it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that crunchy. Medication can be helpful for some things, but instead of automatically taking the medication or giving it to my kids, I think about why the problem happened in the first place. Then, if medication is necessary, how I can counteract the side effects. It's been a while since we have had to take oral antibiotics in my house, but protecting the gut is so important since antibiotics kill all bacteria-good and bad- in the gut. Our gut health determines our immunity. What we put in our mouth or on our largest organ (skin) affects everything. 

What if I said food choices are at the root of most disease, illness, and ailments you experience?

When it comes to being healthy, I know there is not just 1 program that works for every single person. One thing that does apply to everyone is: Food is at the root of most ailments and diseases we experience. A symptom is a signal that something is wrong whether it's weight loss, inability to sleep, lack of energy, eczema, head aches/migraines, or high cholesterol and blood pressure. Our nutrition habits determine our health. Navigating all the information out there can be pretty overwhelming. That's why I walk through the process with you. I have researched and continue to research how food affects us. When we know "why", we can apply the "how", and create sustainable results. Fad diets don't work. A healthy lifestyle is key! 

What is your health worth to you? What are you willing to invest in yourself to see and experience real, positive change? For a small short-term investment in your health, you can save on groceries now and potentially health costs down the road.


I’m loving this change of life. Haven’t been on the scale bc I don’t like them (and don’t own one!), but I do feel so much better! The whole thing just makes so much sense to me. I don’t ever want to go back to the way it was and the way I was eating!

Overall more energy (thank goodness), happier, things don’t hurt (headaches), that time of month is less painful and no PMS symptoms’s just unbelievable to me that food played that much of a role in how I, I think duh, but before I thought it was hormones, age etc!

This program has changed me. Never. Going. Back. I’ve been looking for this my whole life but never knew. THANK YOU XO

Jessi changed my life.
— Katie
This program made me realize that food isn’t necessarily the enemy, it’s what was in the food I was choosing to eat and that’s important for me to finally understand. Looking at ingredients while shopping yesterday was super eye opening about how much crap is in the food I was eating all the time!! It’s actually been easier to stop eating when I get full. Your support means so much, you have no idea
— Missy
I had the pleasure to meet Jessi through a speaking engagement on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was intrigued by what I learned in the quick 1 hour presentation so I scheduled a follow up one on one session with her. I went in, automatically defensive, thinking it was just another quick fix fad diet. Boy was I wrong. I have learned so much from her in the short time I have known her. She has a passion for wellness and a wealth of knowledge to share. Her knowledge, coaching, products and overall desire to help are more than I could have anticipated and I look forward to working with her to further achieve my health goals.
— Christian
I not only call Jessi my friend, but I also call her my food and beverage guru. She cares about sharing her wealth of knowledge to those who want to take back their health and live a happy and healthy life. I have been on this journey with Jessi for a while. Jessi is always there to be my cheerleader, and I am forever grateful. Jessi met me at Wegmans to show me how to really read labels, even if it says “organic” or “gluten free”. My trip to the store was eye-opening. I learned quite a bit in the hour session. Jessi answered my questions and pointed out things that I was not thinking about. I continue to be inspired by Jessi and I look forward to continuing my journey.
— Diana
Jessi lifts me up when I am blue, motivates me - and calls me out on my crap too (if I need it). Who makes a difference in your life? Who is a part of your tribe that shows you your journey is worth it?
— Emily
My wife and I just finished up Jessi’s program. Jessi was there every step of the way to answer questions and give advice. The amount of help and support we received from her was simply amazing. It was a great journey and one that we hope to keep going down in the future. Thanks again for everything!!!
— Chris & Mindy
I had a great experience. It was tough at first, but got easier. There is plenty of info and instruction available online and Jessi was always prompt to answer my questions. I lost 20 lbs in a month and feel alert and light. I plan to continue the healthy eating and healthy life.
— George